Product use

Spread-Stop products have been designed to enable the use of various outdoor hand sanitizer dispenser systems. The integration of existing hand sanitizer dispenser systems into a stainless-steel construction has been primarily designed for protection from the elements. Spread-Stop products are suitable for most 1,000-ml standard dispenser bottles. The sanitizer is not included and the customer is responsible for equipping the Spread-Stop with sanitizer-filled dispenser bottles. 

NB: The customer alone is responsible for choosing a suitable sanitizer and equipping the Spread Stop with it. The customer is also responsible for informing themselves about the properties of the sanitizer in question, especially regarding flammability, and for checking independently as to whether the product is suitable for the respective location with regard to expected ambient conditions.

The customer must observe all relevant norms applicable to the use of the respective sanitizer, including looking after the necessary labeling of the sanitizer, such as through hazard pictograms. Along with the product, we will provide a suitable panel for the application of such labels. We will not, however, carry out the labeling ourselves.