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Spread-Stop: Für Desinfektion draußen
Innovative dispenser with in-ground cooling
Sturdy and weatherproof

Innovative dispenser with ground cooling
Sturdy and weatherproof

Spread-Stop DEPOT – safe underground storage

Ideal for hand disinfection in public places, schools, shopping centers and much more.

Spread-Stop DEPOT for public spaces

The sanitizer is stored safely underground in a sturdy steel foundation set in concrete. This underground storage provides natural insulation and protection. It also reduces the influence of temperature fluctuations on the sensitive liquid – and all without the need for electricity!

The deposit foundation offers space for bottles of up to 100 mm in diameter and if suitable containers are used, up to 25 liters of liquid can be deposited. This means the bottles will need to be changed less often – which saves time and money. Of course, all common 1,000-ml dispenser bottles can also be used.

Benefits of the Spread-Stop DEPOT

Sturdy concrete · large capacity · earth cooling

(1) Protection of the sensitive liquid

The bottle containing the sanitizer is stored in a sturdy steel foundation which is set in concrete. This underground storage provides natural temperature insulation, reducing the impact of temperature fluctuations on the liquid – and all without the need for electricity.

(2) 25-liter load capacity

The storage foundation can accommodate bottles of up to 100 mm in diameter. If the respective bottles are used, up to 25 liters of liquid can be stored. This way, the bottles do not need to be replaced as frequently – which saves time and money. Of course, all standard 1,000-ml dispenser bottles can be used, too.  

(3) Bollard with integrated hand sanitizer dispenser 

Thanks to its sturdy design, the Spread-Stop dispenser can also serve as a bollard. This is important wherever the flow of people must be guided or where a bumper buffer is needed. 

(4) Ideal for events

The 2-part system is ideal for temporary use. Whenever the dispenser isn’t being used, the storage foundation can be covered and locked with the Spread-Stop cover plate. When it’s needed again, the Spread-Stop DEPOT can simply be reconnected with its foundation, making the system ready for immediate use in under 10 minutes

Save 4,000 euros in personnel costs – since 25-liter bottles of sanitizer need to be replaced far less frequently!

A sample calculation (based on an average public traffic of about 2,000 people per day)

· 1 liter: 1 dispensing process = 3-4 ml; 1 liter is enough for about 300 customers, assumption: 1 dispenser per store; replacement of sanitizer container 7x per day, 5 minutes per replacement process = 35 minutes per day = for about 300 retail days per year = 200 x 35 minutes = 10,500 minutes = 175 hours; at an hourly rate of 25 euros = 4,375 euros in personnel costs per year for replacing bottles

· 25 liters: 1 dispensing process = 3-4 ml; 25L = 7,500 customers; required container replacement 2x per week max. = 100x per year; replacement process 10 minutes per week x 100 = 1,000 minutes = 16 hours = approx. 416 euros in personnel costs (at an hourly rate of 25 euros, as above)

Result: Savings of about 4,000 euros per year in personnel costs. What’s more, 25 units of sanitizer are cheaper than 1-liter bottles. Alternatively, concentrates can be used, additionally lowering purchase costs.

Additional benefits: A large container creates far less plastic waste than 25 1-liter bottles; fewer personnel hours are needed for non-customer-related ancillary tasks, thereby drastically lowering service gaps for the customer.

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Spread stop DEPOT –ideal for: public spaces, schools, shopping centers, supermarkets, play-grounds, public transport stops, universities, festivals, trade fairs and events.

Sturdy concrete foundation – large load capacity – ground cooling

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